In 2010 the Awesome Players sticker was born. Since then we have given away a lot of stickers... and I mean a lot. The Awesome Players sticker is now proudly displayed on motorcycles all around the world.

Many of you have offered to send us payment which was always appreciated but never accepted... until now. Due to the popularity of the sticker and the need to cover some of our costs we have decided to charge a small fee.

To order select from one of the "Quantities/Postage" options below and checkout securely using PayPal. Don't forget to send us a photo!

2 Stickers - Canada/US $5.00 USD
2 Stickers - International $6.00 USD
5 Stickers - Canada/US $10.00 USD
5 Stickers - International $12.00 USD

Don't like any of these options or still want a freebie, send us a message and we'll see what we can do.

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